BÜCHL ELOG System The BÜCHL has a leading role in development of concept of innovative waste treatment systems and in their use in practice.
The BÜCHL ELOG®-system was developed in 1999 on the basis of experiences gained during long years.
Meaning of the ELOG®-system: innovative logistics in the treatment of industrial wastes.

Major features

  • Delivery of wastes directly from the production lines
  • Storage of recyclable materials in containers developed by the BÜCHL (WGB 2000 / WGB 4000)
  • "Just in time" waste disposal
  • Module structure
  • Management and documentation of movement of containers within the plant with the ELOG® disposing program
  • Planning of waste disposal routes with CAD-system
  • Servicing to and removal of wastes from workplaces
  • Fluid management
  • Computerised contacts with the clients

In 2000 the BÜCHL group won the second prize at the logistic innovation competition arranged by the German Chamber of Engineers for the development of the ELOG®-system.

On the basis of the appointment given by the AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Ltd. disposal and treatment of solid and fluid wastes of the company's plant in Győr has been made and inner wastes logistic system has been operated by the BÜCHL HUNGARIA Ltd. since December, 2002.
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